Spring's Star: Edgeworthia Chrysantha

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My city garden is 7 years old this Spring. When I moved into my house there were just a handful of plants, many of which are gone now. This edgeworthia is one of the first things I planted and continues to be a favorite. I love the way it's bare branches look in the Winter sunlight and the blossoms, which open to small yellow and white pompoms are already beginning to look pretty interesting in December. They unfurl slowly over the next couple of months and once they are really open, wow, hold on to your hat because aside from the visual fireworks they smell sweetly divine. It was a lucky accident that I sited this plant so well--it's next to the walkway leading up to my front door so your nose and eyes come into close contact as you're coming and going.

I would highly recommend this plant to anyone--it looks a bit like Cousin Itt during the Summer but I forgive it as there's nothing going that's this spectacular this early in the season, just when we need it most.


  1. I love that plant too. So amazingly odoriferous and lovely.

  2. I discovered the edgeworthia in your garden and it was the first plant I purchased for my new city garden. I purchased the edgeworthia akebona but have been advised not to expect quite the show and fragrance of your edgeworthia chrysantha.

    I look forward to more tales from your garden.

  3. It IS odoriferous. Such a fun plant. Mom, yours will be lovely I'm sure!


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