Bloom Day 2012

Friday, June 15, 2012

Quite a few of my favorite garden blogs were posting these "bloom day" posts today. This is new to me, and not related to James Joyce's Bloomsday (which is June 16th) as I had assumed at first. It's still loads of fun though. It's an online event that's hosted by May Dreams Gardens where bloggers all over the world are invited to post photos of what's blooming in their gardens. Here are mine, from a person who thought they didn't have many flowers in their garden.

 My new purple lupine that I bought at the Hardy Plant Society sale this Spring. 

 Ginormous girly poppy in front of Artemisia Valerie Finnis.

 First year flower bud on my astilboides. Loving this plant!

 Hens and chicks. This has got to be the chick, right? So cute!

 Cerinthe, you just keep giving. 

 It seems a little early for my hardy gardenias to start blooming, but I'm not complaining.

 I spent the first 5 years cursing this creeping campanula and am now singing its praises. Not many things can look this good in dry shade. NOT for the low maintenance garden though--she requires several haircuts a year.

 My Black Lace black elderberry is so dreamy. Such a sophisticated AND romantic plant. 

 Himalayan honeysuckle. This plant is way underutilized in my opinion and I've recently learned that the dark red berries are edible and taste like chocolate. 

 Snaps in the veggie patch. I'm trying to grow more flowers in my veg garden this year to help ward off pests. 

Bi-color columbine. I won't hold it against her that she's common--no denying that beauty.

 Well, hello there. Aren't we orange? Seeds from the neighbor around the corner. It's so fun getting free plants and seeds from friends. I forgot I planted these and was eagerly awaiting Flemish poppy blooms all Spring, so it took me a while to adjust once THIS opened. But they sure are cheery AND they are the same color as my house.

 David Austin's Windermere Rose makes me swoon. If only it would last more than 30 minutes as a cut flower. Still, quite photogenic don't you think?

 Iceberg roses dancing with tiny feverfew flowers

 Pat Austin you flirt, showing up all the other roses as usual. 

 Too hot to handle? A new salvia. Not sure I can get down with this much pink. Might have to be relocated to a neighbor's yard. 

Giant white foxglove.


  1. Your house is orange? Fabulous. As are the orange poppy and the rosa 'Pat Austin'. I think I once had that campanula in another garden. I'll add it to the dry shade plants list I'm amassing in preparation for planting beneath some big deciduous trees.

  2. Yup, my house is orange, though not quite as bright as the poppy. It's so cheery in Portland--I haven't regretted the color for a second.

    That campanula really is a toughy. If you ever want to come dig some up, I always have plenty to spare! Seriously.

  3. Ha! I was left with the same response as the house?! the idea.

    So many beautiful blooms...

  4. Yup, I love my orange! I have orange hair, an orange house, an unusual orange persian rug in my living room. It's my antidote to Portland Winters. That, and martinis and lots of candles ;-)

  5. I think orange is the most cheerful color I appreciated the showing of Pat Austin and your orange poppies. It is indeed an antidote for gray days.

  6. Just found your blog through the Bloom Day linkup. Love your pictures! I really need to find some space for poppies. They could even be orange, as long as they would survive on my back slope! :)


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