Green Words

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I have a somewhat conflicted relationship with sculpture and other displays of whimsy in the garden--I want my garden to have personality but have a hard time thinking of creative ideas that won't involve old boots planted with pansies.

This series called "Green Words" from environmental artist Nicole Dextras really inspires me and has me imagining all sorts of cool and unexpected ways to use plantings creatively. Each letter is made of a 6 foot high wooden form that is planted with grass seed. While Dextras draws our attention to the dualism of culture and nature, which is interesting, surprising, and humorous, I might like to try something less cerebral like a giant psychedelic paisley pattern erected on a fence. 



  1. Fun to see garden art being pushed in new directions.

  2. Isn't it cool? I've seen lots of fun vertical gardens or wall gardens but this has my imagination going in a totally new tangent.


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