Thicket Nursery In Portland

Monday, July 9, 2012

On Saturday we went to some yard sales around NE Portland (I got a Foxfire book, a bright orange planter pot, and a wooden necklace--so pretty much the motherload) and happened upon this new-to-me nursery just off of Alberta called Thicket. It's right up my alley, figuratively and almost literally, with an assortment of unusual plants, all beautifully arranged, and a covetable assortment for the veggie patch.

It just so happened that an old friend, landscape designer and artist Wesley Younie, was working and gave me a little tour around the place. He tells me that they will be offering classes and seasonal plants such as Christmas trees and pumpkins for Halloween.

There was so much attention to detail at Thicket--everything is arranged with an artist's eye and everywhere I turned there was something inspiring to see. I loved this little driftwood and air-plant vignette by the guest book.

Chartreuse, my favorite color! Isn't that pretty much the best looking strawberry pot you've ever seen?

I love that they had a little sitting area under shade with these cool, mint-green chairs. This is a nursery where you really do feel invited to take your time and linger. If they would put in a tea counter they would never get rid of me.

I was really inspired by the use of driftwood and rough-hewn wood surfaces--such a great foil for the plants and it really lends a nice wabi-sabi balance. I think I need more natural and aged elements in my garden.

My photo doesn't begin to do it justice but this display of silver plants was really a stunner.

They have a pretty little showroom at Thicket, also full of inspiration. Look at that shelf! What a great way to bring the outside inside.

Thicket is at:
4933 NE 23rd Ave
Portland, OR


  1. So love that shelf and those chairs are something special too! Great tour of Thicket. I think I will want to visit this nursery next time that I'm in Portland

  2. I've heard about this place and kept my eyes peeled as I drove down Alberta the other day, next time I'll actually turn on 23rd, thanks for the review!

  3. Our cup really runeth over with all these amazing nurseries in and around Portland!

  4. Nice! And relatively close to me. I agree about the great strawberry planter - I was just thinking I needed one and wondering if they came in anything other than terra cotta...

  5. Uh oh, Mulchmaid--close to your house? Danger! Danger!

  6. Love your blog and love thicket as well. Just came across the place this weekend


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