West Elm Market

Thursday, October 25, 2012

West Elm has launched a new curated collection of homewares and tools called West Elm Market which includes a small selection of neat things for gardeners. The Garden section is somewhat measly compared to the offerings for the kitchen (which are seriously amazing!) but I bet by Spring things will be looking up. Still, lots of fun and giftable things here...

I do love having a pot of fresh basil in the kitchen and hope to expand my collection this Winter. This Chalkboard Planter Set would be a fun set-up for a windowsill.

I'm always in a wrestling match with my hoses. Every Spring I swear I'm going to upgrade. These Dramm hoses have been a brand on my wishlist. Aren't they pretty? And look! There's even an orange one to match my orange house. 

 I usually have a pile-up under the eaves of my house where I stash my plants that are waiting to go in the ground. This Stackable Wood Plant Stand would really help keep things tidy. I could even have a little pot or crate on there for some of my most-used tools.

They have a large selection of wood-handled garden tools. I've no idea what the quality is like of these Garden Pruners but at $10, and because there is no brightly colored plastic involved, I would be happy to give them a try.


  1. What, you're able to manage without brightly-colored plastic? I would have lost every garden tool I own if not for flourescent orange (Fiskars, I'm talking to you.)

    This looks like some fun for those of us who don't need to replace our couches yet.

  2. Ha! I didn't even think about the camo aspect. I might be in trouble there too!

  3. Yet another great reason to move to Portland!


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