Plant Lust Swap @ Schoolhouse Electric

Monday, November 12, 2012

Last month I went to an old fashioned plant swap hosted by Plant Lust at Schoolhouse Electric. It was raining pretty hard but my Mom and I braved the weather like good Oregonians to go unburden ourselves of some unwanted plants and hopefully pick up some new things to try. Like a crazy person I waited until the morning of the swap to dig up my plants in the rain. I wonder if I was the only one.

It felt good to pass along some things I didn't have room for (like the weeping sequoia I greedily accepted from my neighbor, later realizing that it can grow to 25 feet tall which would not work in my little city garden).  I also had some Russian sage and succulents and a few other things I've already forgotten. See? Easy come, easy go.

Here's my new plant loot:

I came back with a nice big Japanese Forest Grass. I love running my hands through its smooth papery blades. AND I hear it's a favored habitat of Boston Terriers.

And keeping with the chartreuse theme a nice Golden Feverfew which I love for bouquets and for adding a nice shot of brightness to the garden wherever needed. This is one tough plant and grows for me in sun or shade.

And finally, a seriously magnificent-looking euphorbia that's new to me: Euphorbia Mellifera (aka Honey Spurge). I hope I don't kill it--I hear it's iffy in Portland which makes me love it even more.

There were lots of fun plants and friendly faces at the swap including fellow garden bloggers Scott of Rhone Street Gardens and Ricki of Sprig to Twig and of course the gracious co-founder of Plant Lust Loree of Danger Garden who was helping out with plant labels, plant ID, general advice, and even sharing some of her fabulous homemade baked goodies.

The kind folks at Schoolhouse Electric extended a discount for the day for plant swappers. I was tempted at every turn, as I always am at their store, but didn't buy anything that day. I did however have to stop and take some photos of the beautiful little flower shop inside the showroom, Anna Mara Flowers. Anna Mara was working on some pretty Autumnal bouquets and had some superb terrariums and fancy leaf begonias, which I have a weakness for. Look at her charming business card with the little sprig of bittersweet attached with twine--so cute!

Thanks to Plant Lust for putting together this fun swap and to Schoolhouse Electric for hosting. Hope we get to do it again next year!


  1. I'm sure your Euphorbia Mellifera will look like the one in the photo in no glad you made it to the swap!

    Also I noticed you've got Derek Jarman's garden book in your sidebar. I love that book...of all the places I didn't get to see when we were in England I think that was the one I most regret.

  2. Thanks for the swap--so fun!

    I hadn't thought about it before but your house and garden bear some resemblance to Derek Jarman's (at least in the front). I'd really love to visit some day too and I'd love to own that book--so beautiful and poignant.

    1. That is the best compliment I've received in a long time! My husband will greatly disagree (too "fancy" here, not wild enough) but heck any comparison to Derek Jarman's garden is high praise in my mind.

  3. Great posting, great photos!! Thank you so much for including us and coming to visit! Come back anytime!

  4. Anna, I was gonna email you and let you know my post was (finally!) up but you beat me to it! I am so enjoying following your work on instragram and such. I feel like I need to do a better, more complete post all about your work now--love what you are doing!

  5. Yup, I potted my trades that morning too. :)

  6. Oh thank you--I feel better now ;-)


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