Happy 2013

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Paul Klee, Park 1920

Well hello! I hope you all had a great holiday, however you celebrate. I had a bunch of relatives descend from far and wide (SO grateful for visits and not having to travel). It was my birthday on the 27th, one of my favorites ever. It was very quiet. I had dim sum at Wong King with my family. My Mom knitted me a terrific red hat using a pattern from local designer Laura Irwin (you can get the pdf here).

My husband Matt and I had a walk through the Oregon Vietnam Veteran's Memorial called the Garden of Solace in the Hoyt Arboretum. Have you been there? It was my first time and I may make it a New Year tradition. It's strikingly beautiful in the Winter--you walk in a spiral, much of it lined in red twig dogwoods which were in their full glory. Above the memorial there's also a holly garden--I had no idea there were so many cool varieties of holly!

My efforts in the garden these days have been limited to walking around with my magnifying glass looking for signs of Spring bulbs. Oh, and I finally had to tuck my brugmansia into bed in the basement after she bloomed her heart out through Christmas. Weirdo.

How about you? Are you knee-deep in seed catalogs? Is the garden on your mind these days or are you focused on other things?


  1. I love that painting...unlike the image in my head of what a Klee looks like.
    It's sacrilege, I know, but I have many things I want to do during this garden down-time. Soon enough the tug will begin to pull me away from writing and reading and sewing and cooking and what-have-you.

    1. The Klee print is new to me too. It's very Pacific Northwest, don't you think? Writing, reading, sewing, and cooking all seem like very worthy endeavors for a Portland January. I'm doing a lot of the same. Minus the sewing. Ick ;-)


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