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Saturday, February 8, 2014

And...she's back! I didn't mean for that to be such a long intermission. This happened...

And shortly thereafter, this happened...

And meanwhile in the garden, this happened...

And that's just one view--there are many more soggy, rotten, unpruned, undivided, unprotected, and generally abused areas in my garden. Any plant that survives come Spring is getting a medal and a giant heaping of compost.

Needless to say I have been gardening mostly in my head this past year and I am eager to get my boots on and get digging again as soon as possible. The whole north side of my house needs some major attention. Now that most everything is probably dead it will be a perfect time to finally amend the soil to provide better drainage. And then, well, some plant shopping will be in order.

How are all your gardens growing? What are your dreams and plans for Spring? What pages are folded back in your seed catalogs? What plants are in your shopping carts? Isn't this pretty much the most exciting time of the year for gardening when you really think about it? In my current Winter dreams, as every Winter, the Summer garden to come is the most resplendent, exciting, and of course, well-tended garden I've ever had. What is yours looking like?


  1. That is a lovely and succinct description of how it went down. My main garden thought right now is that I am fascinated and curious to see what kind of perennials live at my house. I know the previous inhabitant had daffodils because I saw them in the picture but am not sure what else to expect come Spring. Also I think I'd like to plant some plants that will dry well and make interesting colored things that can be put into art projects. And cucumbers! I was super disappointed with last year's cucumbers. I think this might be the year where I actually pick up a couple of gardening skills rather than just throwing seeds at the dirt and waiting for magic to happen :)

    p.s. We have "Whole Larder Love" too. Daniel is in love with the way the book looks.

  2. Wow! We have so much in common - I've gained a lot of weight and neglected my garden. However, I wasn't pregnant nor did I give birth. Glad that your long intermission was because of wonderful things happening in your life as I've thought of you from time to time and hoped all was well in your world. Welcome back to the blogosphere!

  3. You give new meaning to the term "death and rebirth". Even when the evidence out there proves me wrong, the garden in my head is always "resplendent"...love that word.

  4. Welcome back… hoping to see plenty of gardening , baby and Boston terriers !

  5. Welcome back! That is one adorable baby!

  6. Congratulations!! Even if it may be a bit sad what happens to our gardens (and many other occupations) when they are here.... is TOTALLY worth it, isn't it? LOVE the picture of the picnic, is perfect.


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