The Perfect Portland Gardener's Smock...

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

comes from Cornwall, of course. I've been coveting one of these traditional smocks for years and they've just introduced a WAXED cotton version which I think is the universe telling me buy! Buy! How perfect is this for gardeners in the Pacific Northwest? I seem to do most of my heavy garden work in the wet and muddy Spring. Peeping Toms take note: I often end up stripping down on my front doorstep before coming inside after a Spring gardening session. And how cool and jaunty is this big collar? I love a big collar. I'd look so cool in my garden OR on my yacht.

Cornwall is also home of the "cream tea" (if you're like me you like the sound of that before you even know what it is). It's an afternoon tea of hot scones served with clotted cream and jam. Oh yeah. Can we get a Portland food truck for that?


  1. I have a wonderful Scone recipe: BBC - Food - Recipes : Paul Hollywood's scones..been baking them all winter ….yum

    1. I'll have to look that up! I think it's scone weather in Portland. Now we just need to find a source for some clotted cream!

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