The Most Delicious Tomato in the World

Monday, August 31, 2015

I've been waiting with bated breath to taste the first ripe tomatoes from my Indigo Dragon's Eye tomato plant. Would it be The Most Delicious Tomato in the World as I had suspected last year? I needed a second season to confirm that fact because as we know, conditions change--those we can't control (this year we had the warmest June on record) and those we can (last year I nearly rotted my tomatoes in grow bags on a hot deck before moving them very late in the season to an inground location).

I know some plants thrive on stress and thought maybe the deliciousness I was tasting from Dragon's Eye last year was a result of torture and not something I could replicate. The flavor was so over the top. I've grown about 35 varieties of tomatoes and I've never tasted anything like this. The flesh was dense, the flavor layered and concentrated, the balance between sweet and acid a sexy tangle.

This variety was obtained from Log House Plants, which has the most amazing collection of tomato plants--they act like a gallerist, selling selections from the top tomato breeders around. Dragon's Eye is called an "Indigo" though it doesn't have a trace of purple. I wonder if it's high in lycopene though and has the same health benefits of the Indigo tomato varieties. It's a Wild Boar Farms hybrid. They're the folks who brought us the famous Berkley Tie-Dye, for all you tomato fanatics.

This year I gave the tomato a prime spot and let it do its tomato thing. The first tomatoes are off the vine and the verdict is in. Dragon's Eye, I crown you The Most Delicious Tomato in the World!


  1. Sold, I must plant this gem next year.

  2. Please share your experience if you do!

  3. with a name I can't resist, and beautiful, to boot.


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