Pollen, Seeds, Fruit: The Work of Rob Kesseler

Sunday, May 20, 2012

I first discovered the amazing photos by Rob Kesseler on Brain Pickings. They are from a series of books exploring the plant life at The Millennium Seed Bank Partnership at Kew Gardens which endeavors to collect seeds (over a billion seeds and counting!) to be used in case of disaster and threatened extinction. Isn't it amazing the mind-boggling beautiful things nature is doing even at the microscopic level? Did you know that the seed stage is the only time a plant can move and you will often see such ingenious designs such as wings, piercing spikes, and parachutes to help them on their way?

Check out this great video which gives you an inside look at the seed bank...

You can purchase these beautiful books here:


  1. Awesome pictures and i first time seen this type of collection. I just say flowers contain an enclosed & protected ovary that will develop a seed once the egg is fertilized. The ovary will become a fruit of some type to enable the seed the best chance of germinating at some distance from the parent plant. Read more

  2. I am first time watching this type of pollen and it looks very awesome. You did a nice job to gather all these pollen in one place. I try to search each of these and it is very informative for me. I hope you will add more stuff in it. Thank you for the post. view it

  3. Before watching this i was just aware of the Pollen Flower that it is a type of seed that used in fertilizing and pollination but now I realized that what is it actually it is so beautiful inside really amazing!

  4. Where it says: "You can purchase these beautiful books here" and it has links to:

    Pollen: The Hidden Sexuality of Flowers
    Seeds: Time Capsules of Life
    Fruit: Edible, Inedible, Incredible

    I get a 404 Error message on each link.


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