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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The fabulous wall of seeds at Naomi's

The other day I was visiting a friend and she started telling me about this nursery that had recently moved into her neighborhood. She got more and more excited as she described it to me and next thing I know, we're in her car on our way to Naomi's Organic Farm Supply. It really IS about the cutest garden store I've ever seen, and Portland has its fair share of great ones. 

Naomi and friends

This place has personality and is totally approachable (look at their fun, homemade signage and displays!) but it's also well stocked for the more seasoned gardener who needs very specific soil amendments, hard-to-find seeds, chickens and animal feed, and books. 

They carry the wonderful Oregon-based Adaptive Seeds line from which I selected a packet of the mysterious Buddha's Hand Cosmos. Isn't she stunning?!

They also sell plants, a wonderful selection of edibles and otherwise. I will definitely be doing a lot of shopping here. 


  1. I've been hearing about Noami's for a while now. Glad they have found a permanent location...thanks for posting about it.

  2. Yeah, I understand they were in limbo for a bit but this new location seems to leave them with lots of room to spread out. I can't wait to go back soon--it's just such a sweet place with so much heart!

  3. I must get Buddha's Hand Cosmos. Do you plant them in early Spring?

  4. Oh, I will save you some seeds. I planted some at my allotment just a couple weeks ago. Hopefully not too late!


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