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Saturday, August 18, 2012

I think I'm going to be having dreams about this London house for a long time. It has all my favorite things: Victorian palms, perfectly aged Vuitton trunks, a mash up of textiles from around the world, disco balls.

What it really has me thinking about though is the continuity of style (as beautifully mixed up as it it) from inside to outside. The same themes of Victoriana, exotica, and pop are carried outside to bamboo screens and intricate patinated wrought iron.

My own house is painted orange and yellow, colors which are repeated in my living room--I'd love to keep the plant conversation going too by having some ferns and palms that you see outside, inside as well.

How about you--are your tastes inside similar to your tastes in the garden? Do you make a conscious effort to relate the two spaces?

All photos via Shoot Factory


  1. My inside and outside are pretty similar, lots of greens and browns with a few different colors thrown in to mix things up. The biggest change comes with the late fall and spring plant migrations in or out of the house. I used to be much better at marking the seasons with a change of decor in the house. Now changing the duvet cover and the mantle collection is about as far as that goes.

  2. My interior and exterior are similar but not particularly by design. Have you seen the show "Hoarders?"
    I too love the London ecclectic Victorian that you shared which brings to mind some advice from a Victorian book on interior decorating. It said if you can walk through your rooms without catching your clothing or tripping, the room was not over decorated. Since I live in a Victorian home, I try to follow that advice you know, for historical reasons :)

  3. Loree, I love imagining the jungle your house becomes when your tender plants come inside for the Winter. If I'm not careful I'm gonna need a machete to get through my kitchen soon. And you're way ahead of me with the duvet and mantle switcheroos--good ideas!

    Outlaw Hoarder, thanks for sharing that tip-- I really admire your dedication to historical accuracy ;-) I have a feeling I would love your house as much as I love your garden.

  4. That's a very interesting question...I honestly don't really have a style...inside or out...hahahahahahaha! I definitely care more about the garden than the inside of the house (which I'm just happy about if it's clean). I do always think that a garden is reflective of the gardener's personality...wonder what that says about me :-D

  5. Fascinating question! I think my inside and outside are similar, but not quite the same: I tend to cram plants and pots into my outdoor space, but my indoor space is a little easier to breathe in and not as crowded. Outdoors I gravitate towards dark pots and gray-green foliage with hits of orange and blue. Indoors I use more color but love a warm-brown background. I think my color choices in and out are not as similar, but I'd be curious to see how an outsider would see it.

  6. Scott, I think this is a case of being too close to something to see it because I definitely see a style in your garden and I'll bet there's one going on inside as well;-)

    Jane, I hadn't thought about it but your description makes me realize how much freer and experimental we can be outside because we don't have to look at our gardens ALL the time. And also, checked it out and to my nose honeybush=Chick-O-Sticks! Honey with a little peanut butter.

  7. Your blogs alway get me thinking. I have always carried my outside colors inside my home though I think I am more conscious to carry the color theme from outdoors to entrance.

    Having been encouraged into zone pushing by the warm summer in Portland I have acquired a variety of tropicals that will need to come in for the Winter. Your Victorian living space has inspired me to transform my large dining area in to a solarium this winter. Thanks for the inspiration.

  8. Mom, I can't wait to sip tea this Winter in your tropical, Victorian sun room!


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